NAND flash Solid-State drives are delivering astounding performance in 2017. With current 6GBps SATA III SSD's clearly outpacing ANY spinning platter drive, they're the single best computer performance upgrade you can buy. 512GB is the sweet spot in SSD prices and delivers unprecedented Read-Write Speeds and decent capacity at prices hovering under $0.30 cents per GB.
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High Performance 2.5" Solid State Drive Deals

Offering Peak SSD Read/Write Performance and backward compatibility - SATA III interface 6GBps solid-state drives are where your money's best spent. Even if your current computer only has a SATA II or I drive controller, you'll be glad you bought a SATA III interface drive to future-proof your disk upgrade investment. These new SSD's offer cutting edge performance at the lowest price per Gigabyte ever:
Larger 512GB and now up to 1 Terabyte drives are no longer beyond wallet's reach for most. These significant solid-state drive price drops are making high-capacity an affordable option. Note that LARGER SSD's tend to have better Write speeds over smaller 64GB/128GB drives because of more banks/channels of access to NAND flash memory simultaneously.

NewEgghas a large range of SSD .rives -- Once the Go-To place for SSD hunting Geeks, they're not always as cut-throat competitive as they used to be as demand for flash memory and its commodity pricing levels the playing field. You really have to watch thier newsletters, SSD rebates and promos closely to snag deep discount and rebate deals. The SSDs on rebate at NewEgg typically are for OCZ, Corsair and others - but expect 2+ month waits on rebate SSD checks at the soonest.

SSD Price Bargains has recently expanded their inventory of SSDs - and like are rather fond of SSD rebate promos if you're willing to play the game by the rebates rules. See what SSD deals they've currently got by searching here:
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Top-Performing SSD Disk Deals

Single-Layer SLC drives once provides the best Read-Write speeds and longevity - at a premium price. In the Multi-Layer MLC arena, Intel's custom chipset, Indilix 'Barefoot' chip and SandForce controllers lead the pack. If I were to buy a high-perfomance SSD today, it could be easily narrowed down to three choices: Intel 330 series for overall value, OCZ's Vertex 4 for top performance, or a Crucial M5. These SATA III drives deliver peak performance - even if you're using it on a slightly older computer with a SATA II or I controller.

A few pricing quirks recently: Amazon SSD Price Checks. Amazon is generally very price competitive but pricing can change from day to day depending on competition from it's own 3rd party sellers. Any way you slice it: comparison shop for SSD's carefully. There can be significant performance differences in drives with only a few dollars difference in the cost. Older, discontinued models often sell for MORE than the newer drives that replaced it!

Best Tech Analysis Articles:

For those seeking ultimate disk performance, check out this nerdy yet informative in-depth analysis of SSD drive controllers and chipset design by Anand at His extensive take on the current Solid-State storage market in his "Final Thoughts" section is a must-read for Top-SSD-Performance Geek Freaks. Keep in mind, Anandtech and other deep-geek sites fret over nanaosecond differences that the average consumer wouldn't even perceive - or care about.

Low-Cost Bargain SSD Deals

Several previous-generation drives were recently removed from this section. Some were JMicron chip SSDs which were just not optimal for smooth WRITE performance in particular. Revised JMicron controllers with far more onboard cache are now available in 2017 - and may be found in some low-end 'VALUE' series SSD drives. Unless you can find discontinued models at an absolute bargain-bin closeout price, focus on an Indilinx, Sandforce or Intel chipset flash drive for best overall performance.

2.5 Inch To 3.5 Inch Drive Adapter Case

For easy mounting a small 2.5 Serial-ATA solid-state laptop drive in desktop computers with a full size drive bay:
Convert your 2.5" SATA disk to standard 3.5" mounts w/an ICY DOCK SATA III ADAPTER CASE Smart design: just plop a 2.5"drive in - tension springs hold it in place - and slide the cover shut. 4 standard drive-rail mount screws are all thats needed to complete the SSD installation in your computer.

Low-Cost SSD Drive Options on eBay

eBay lists an interesting selection of solid-state drives - tho beware of discontinued, previous generation, and used drives:

SSD Price Trends In 2017

Like hard drives, SSD's are rapidly becoming high-volume COMMODITY ITEMS. But unique to the solid-state market is the insane demand for flash-memory chips - not just for SSD's - but in digital cameras, iPods, MP3 players and ever more intelligent consumer electronic devices. Apple's demand for flash chips for the iPod, iPad and iPhone alone is staggering, and directly influenced rather STEADY flash prices in 2017. SSD drive prices . With much higher production and efficiencies of scale - solid-state drive manufacturers have finally allowed SSD cost per Gigabyte to drop signifincantly. Performance has made significant strides as well. The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will gave a good indication of next-generation SATA III SSD disk products in the pipeline that will shape where storage is headed. External USB 3.0 SSD and ThunderBolt SSD Drive options will be delivering the fastest backup drives ever.