SSD Data Transfer Rates - Benchmark Info

Speeds of SSD solid-state flash disk drives nearly doubled within the past year as improvements to SLC and MLC NAND flash improved, higher volume of sales increased SSD profits and competition, and manufacturing efficiency and competition really heated up through 2008.

The first months of the year, SSD read-speeds hovered around 100mbs and initially 32GB and 64GB SSDs started shipping. Towards years end, top-performing SSD's with mind-blowing benchmarks are now approaching 200 mbps as capacities are pushing well beyond 120 gigabyte drives - or pushing prices down into the DOWNRIGHT CHEAP SSD range for drives now nominally in the 30-60gb range.

What makes the latter interesting is YOU CAN AFFORD AN SSD to test, replace, DIY upgrade for yourself to explore Solid-State disk technology and performance on your own system for well under $200. It doesn't have to be a break the bank proposition anymore.