External USB 3.0 SSD Storage

With solid-state flash drive prices dropping rapidly - and ever larger SSD's available in 512GB and even 1 Terabyte sizes, an external USB 3.x SSD backup drive can deliver both very high speed data rates with significant storage capacity. Below are some single-drive SSD USB3 portable drives that are reasonably affordable to the average Mac or PC user.
Akitio USB 3x SSDOyen USB 3x SSDLaCie USB 3x SSD
Akitio USB3 aDrive

Oyen Digital SSD

Slim Portable Solid-State
Portable 250GB SSD

Affordable USB3 SSD

These SSD drives with USB 3.0 ports are also backward compatible with older and slower USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 speed computers. That insures compatibility with legacy computer systems, and optimal use on modern laptop and desktop computers with SuperSpeed interfaces.

The greatest demand for SuperSpeed USB3 accessories so far is seen in the sales of USB 3.0 backup drives. The USB3 stantard also known as SuperSpeed USB allows for potential data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, or potentially ten times the throughput available for USB 2.0 based devices. Other enhancements in USB 3 provide for improved interaction between device and the systems host controller, asynchronus bi-directional data transfer, and important advancements in power management. Ever more laptop and desktop computers offer USB 3.0 support as standard equipment. The cost for SSD and HDD external drive manufacturers to upgrade from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 chipsets has been utterly trivial. Hence, the standardization of USB 3.0 ports on drives from Western Digital, Buffalo Technologies, LaCie, Akitio, Oyen Digial, Seagate and many others has been swift.

A relentless trend towards high-definition multimedia content is placing increasing data size demands on current data storage and transfer tech standards. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 solid-state direves, hard disks, USB 3.0 flash drives and other accessories can make transferring HD video projects, multi megapixel count digital photographs, and backing up to SSD or hard drives fast and easy. USB3 hubs allow computer users to get the most out of the technology by expanding the capacity of Mac or PC systems.

The major players in the USB 3.0 chipset market manufacturing chipsets are TI, NEC and VIA Labs. Drive enclosures that support UASP are better able to transfer blocks of data more efficiently and as such, USAP support is a real benefit when used with solid-state drives.