External ThunderBolt SSD Storage

For the absolutely fastest data backups, Apple and Intel's ThunderBolt interface combined with solid-state storage is the way to go. Achieve peak Read/Write speeds, particularly when ThunderBolt external drives are configured in multi-drive solid-state RAID arrays.
Akitio ThunderBolt SSDOyen ThunderBolt SSDLaCie ThunderBolt SSD
$200 Akitio Neutrino Drive

120GB ThunderBolt SSD
Oyen Digital SSD

256GB For Around $299
LaCie ThunderBolt SSD

Combo TBolt + USB3 Drive

Above are some of the more affordable single-drive external ThunderBolt SSD drive storage products for the average consumer. At this point licensing the ThunderBolt chipsets and the higher cost of making ThunderBolt cables (which are usually included nowadays) generally adds about $50-75 of a price premium for a ThunderBolt solid-state drive. Unlike USB 3.0 chipsets which have had basically added no cost difference, ThunderBolt storage still adds to the cost per gigabyte of and external SSD backup solutions.

About The ThunderBolt Computer Interface

Personal computer titans Intel and Apple unleashed a bleeding edge computer data interface port named ThunderBolt about two years ago. It was slow to reach critical mass, but now we are seeing more Apple ThunderBolt storage devices and enclosures reaching the marketplace. Capable of transfer speeds of up to Ten Gb/ps on each of the two channels, it promises twice the bandwidth of its nearest competition - the 5Gbps "Super-Speed" USB 3.0 interface spec. The recently updated ThunderBolt II specification doubles it's prowess to 20Gbps - while retaining backward compatibility with original 10Gbps ThunderBolt ports.

The small and compact ThunderBolt interface provide external access of either a Mac or PC computers internal PCI Express bus. As such, it provides a very fast, direct and multiple-lane highway to a computer's memory and central processor. Think of it as an expansion slot that's just a tiny port on the side of your laptop or desktop system. The diminuitive size of a ThunderBolt port makes it ideal for ever slimmer laptop computers in particular.

ThunderBolt technology originally was launched on Apple's MacBook laptop and Macintosh desktop models as a single ThunderBolt port where the DisplayPort connection for video used to be. Its an important thing to note: ThunderBolt can also drive ultra-hi-resolution external computer monitors. We're also seeing interface adapters for ThunderBolt that can convert and preserve your investment in other eSATA, USB 3.0, FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet accessories and drives. Keep in mind: ThunderBolt is not exclusive to the Macintosh platform. Intel and other Windows PC manufacturers are also shipping motherboards with ThunderBolt interfaces built-in.

Users will find biggest performance gains from ThunderBolt will be in the drive storage area. A ThunderBolt hard drive interface opens the prospect of blazingly rapid data transfer and PC and Mac backup speeds, particularly when paired with solid-state SSD flash memory drives. A full DVD disc of data can be copied in less than 60 seconds, or an entire Terabyte backup drive worth of videos, music and pictures in just a few minutes. Expect other data intensive Thunderbolt computer accessories for Windows PC's and Mac OSX system such as HDTV tuners, HD web cameras, video capture devices and other demanding high-bandwidth devices to reach the market to leverage the speed benefits ThunderBolt technology delivers.